Our simple four-step process

With our e-Bulk system it's easy to request a DBS check:

  • Activate your account
  • Complete the online application form
  • We check your application and submit it to DBS
  • You receive the result electronically

Types of DBS check

  • Basic checks
    A basic DBS check is a criminal record check that you can request for yourself. You may also be asked to request a basic check by your employer. The check contains any convictions or cautions that are unspent.
  • Standard checks
    These checks contain details of any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings the applicant has, if they’re not protected.
  • Enhanced checks
    These checks contain the same information as a standard check, as well as any relevant information held by the applicant’s local police force.

During the DBS check

After we've submitted your application to DBS they'll:

  • complete a Police National Computer search
  • complete a child and adult barring list and List 99 search where applicable (enhanced checks only)
  • complete additional police checks (enhanced only)
  • issue your certificate

You can track your DBS application online to see its progress and if there are any delays.

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